The Internet continues to Boom

Internet traffic in 2015 was predicted to grow to 83 exabytes per month. Exabyte what?? That number more than tripled in the last few years. In 2016, most Internet traffic was video and global IP traffic which reached the predicted Zettabyte threshold. Global highlights from the Cisco updated study state by 2019, there will be nearly 3.9 billion global users (up from 2.8B in 2014).


Over 334 million domain names have been registered worldwide. Domain names are digital real estate. They will become more valuable and more difficult to obtain.


Did you know? The World Wide Web began in 1991, the Internet was approved for commercial use in 1995. Since then, the Internet has been a unifier of people, companies and online networks. Imagine what the world will be like in the next five, ten, 20+ years!